Stay Lean For Life

When you ask people what their fitness goal is, they will usually have an image in mind they would like to achieve. When you compare all these images, you see that the majority of people are aiming for looking toned or lean. If you are one of those people and if you would like to stay lean, the following article will help you understand the ways in which that can be done, and you will also learn how to achieve your goal.

Staying Healthy = Staying Lean

Lean muscleFor the majority of people staying healthy is associated with staying lean. Lean does not mean skinny, as it does not mean bulky or fat. Being lean means that your muscles are toned, that your skin is healthy, and that you do not have too much body fat. This image resonates with being healthy and staying this way for the rest of your life can be the greatest challenge for the majority of people.

Eating Healthy Food

To achieve this perfect image of health and fitness, you need to eat right. This doesn’t mean that you should eat whatever you want to go on a diet, lose weight, then eat again whatever you want, gain weight and repeat that cycle all over and over again. What it need is that you should have a complete and comprehensive understanding of your eating plan and learn how to nutritious food which is healthy for your body.

Exercising And Stretching

The lean beauty is rarely achieved by lifting very heavy weights; it is more likely to be achieved by exercising regularly and more importantly by stretching.


You do not want to have bulky muscles; this is why it is important to stretch your muscles after each exercise. You don’t want your muscles to stay contracted; you want to stretch them out to have a lean and toned physique. A great way to achieve this is to exercise Pilates or yoga, because as you know, these workouts include a lot of stretching.

Cardio Exercises

It is also important to devote time to cardio exercises because they will help you reduce the percentage of body fat. You probably already know that the best results will come if you exercise regularly. So make sure you motivate yourself to regularly do your cardio exercises and just be devoted to working out regularly.

Stay Light On Weights

If you don’t want to go all bulky, there is no need to prove yourself with the weights. On the other hand, you should also not avoid lifting weights at the gym, because there is no need to fear that you will suddenly get all bulky.


Staying lean involves a lot of stretching so make sure you stretch after each weight lifting session. Lifting weights will give you that insanely toned look, just make sure that you also stretch and always stay light with your weights unless you are aiming for a bulkier physique.

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