Welcome to the GoodGiving Guide. There are more than 100 worthy nonprofits listed here by category. Look around, visit their pages, learn what they do, and see what supplies they need. You can even volunteer if you’d like. On each page, you will have an opportunity to donate to a nonprofit. As you check out with a simple single credit card transaction you will have an opportunity to look at, and donate to many other nonprofits. Once you have selected your favorites and entered the amount you would like to give each, you will be able to select some fun “thank you” rewards from our sponsors. The more you give, the more rewards you can select. Once you have completed your credit card transaction, you will be able to print the rewards coupons. That’s it. You will also receive a receipt for your donation via email.

You know, after 16 years of publishing community papers in Lexington, we still have a lot to learn. We like that.

And one thing that never ceases to amaze us is how many wonderful people are making great things happen in the Bluegrass every day. They are managing the difficult and important jobs of caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, and opening their doors to the lonely, the down-on-their-luck and the forgotten. They are working their hearts out to create new opportunities through education, to stand up for social justice, to champion healthy and sustainable lifestyles, and to bring life to big ideas that will make our hometown a better place to live, work and play. And the best part is that these remarkable people are never far away. They are our neighbors and our friends. They jog by us in the park. They sit next to us at the ball game. They grab a bite to eat with us after work. Getting to know them inspires us. It encourages us to imagine what our community could be if we had more people like them.

But the truth is, we do.

Since we launched the all-online GoodGiving Guide Challenge two years ago along with our partners at the Blue Grass Community Foundation, we have learned two important things. First, and most importantly, we are a community that wants to give. We want to see great things happen right here. Whether it is a few bucks or a few hours or a few extra purchases, we are willing to contribute.

And second, if we want great things to happen, we can’t expect someone else to do it, and we can’t leave anyone out. We all need to be a part of it. Because it’s not just about the dollars. It is about coming together as a community to decide what is important to us. It is about watching every person step up, one by one, to become a part of something greater.

Don’t be the person who sits out. Don’t set this aside and wait for a better time or a better reason to give. Pick your cause. Give to whatever you love about your community. Visit GoodGivingGuide.net to make your donation online, learn about nonprofits, or volunteer.

Because we all get a lot further when we are all in this together.

Chuck & Chris


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